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The Jennifer Connelly Bio

The Jennifer Connelly Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

A Beautiful Mind

One of the few actresses whose blockbuster films and independent films are equally classy. She hasn't picked many bad scripts in her independent forays, and she gives legitimacy to blockbusters, even "Earth Stood Still." There is little doubt that her perfect relationship with Crowe made "A Beautiful Mind" even more beautiful.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Requiem for a Dream (a drug addict)
Pollock (Pollock's mistress)
House of Sand and Fog (fighting with Ben Kingsley over who owns the house)
He's Just Not That Into You (part of an ensemble, Bradley Cooper's wife)
The Rocketeer (budding actress and Rocketeer's girlfriend)
Mulholland Falls (murdered girlfriend of John Malkovich and Nick Nolte)
Inventing the Abbotts (the wild rich girl)
A Beautiful Mind (Oscar and Golden Globe-winning performance as scientist John Nash's wife, opposite Russell Crowe)
Blood Diamond (a journalist, opposite Leo DiCaprio)
Hulk (Dr. Bruce Banner's girlfriend, in the Ang Lee version)
Once Upon a Time in America (girl dancing)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (scientist trying to save the world, opposite Keanu Reeves)
Little Children (the all-too perfect bread-winning wife)
Labyrinth (teenage girl rescuing her brother from goblins in a fantasy world)
Dark City (the wife of an amnesiac and possible killer)
The Real Jennifer Connelly:
A Beautiful Mind

Remember before she married Russell Crowe in the film, she was a whiz-bang math student at Princeton, and seemed to be the smartest in his class? Well, the simple reason that Connelly could pull that and similar roles off so well is that she's one smart chick. (Okay, she was a model. So what? Get over your stereotypes.) She went from Yale to Stanford to pursue acting, and, despite choosing film over theatre, is quite the intellectual.
Acting Style:
Cool and smart. Jennifer Connelly has gone through a transformation of sorts. Though she's still gorgeous, she (or the producers) must not think she's up to the seductress parts of her youth. Her brilliant portrayal of John Nash's wife seems to be the turning point, as if that role used up all the compassion she can show. Now she is the perfect knock-out that is a little too brainy and/or emotionally removed, making it more than plausible that a guy would cheat on her with Kate Winslet, even though the idea seems absurd on paper. Though her new skinny look seems a smart move professionally, since her magnificent curves wouldn't hold up in her forties, she is still a poster child for the anti-vegan movement.
Bits and Quirks:
Deep stares with those cold blue eyes, sometimes discerning, often angry. Uses a slight bow of the head to make the stare even deeper. A mixture of a whispery soft voice with a slight nasally overtone. A melodramatic seriousness, even in comedies, that she somehow makes effective. Works that magnificent black hair, and uses her slightly thicker eyebrows in composition with it. Lately, though, the hair has been pulled back and shortened, though still perfectly groomed.
Great Scenes:
He's Just Not That Into You

> Arguments with Bradley Cooper over the cigarettes
> Asking the contractor about the cigarettes
> Breaking the mirror in a rage and then immediately cleaning it up
> Seducing Cooper in his office while Scarlett Johansson hides in the closet

A Beautiful Mind

> Russell Crowe proposing to her in the restaurant
> Saving the baby from being drowned in the bathtub
> The hot classroom scene
> Discovering the truth about her husband, particularly with the garage clippings and the mailbox

Requiem For A Dream

> The split cam of her talking in bed
> The traveling shot in the office and elevator
> The prostitution scenes, with the group watching

Little Children

> Just lying in bed staring as the narrator explains her feelings
> The dinner party with Kate Winslet and her husband

The Rocketeer

> The shoot-out between the Feds, Nazis and mob at Griffith Observatory
> The fight on the zeppelin
> Dancing and dining with Timothy Dalton at the restaurant

Inventing the Abbotts

> Letting Joaquin Phoenix peek up her skirt

Mulholland Falls

> The love scene with John Malkovich
> The love scene with Nick Nolte

Once Upon a Time in America

> Dancing while guys peek at her through a hole in the door