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The Jeffrey Jones Bio

The Jeffrey Jones Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

Beetle Juice

Though Milos Forman's films, "Amadeus" and "Valmont," are classically better films, Jones is more integral to the Burton films, particularly his first masterpiece, "Beetle Juice."

But You May Have Liked This Really Silly Stuff:
Dr. Doolittle 2 (with Eddie Murphy)
Who's Harry Crumb? (with John Candy)
Without A Clue (with Ben Kingsley and Michael Caine)
Easy Money (with Rodney Dangerfield)
Heartbreakers (with lots of stars)
Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Valmont (sleazy old guy in the midst of sleazy young guys)
Ed Wood (the amazing Criswell, one of Wood's entourage)
Stuart Little (one of the extended Little family)
The Crucible (Thomas Putnam)
Sleepy Hollow (Reverend Steenwyck)
The Devil's Advocate (managing partner of the devil's law firm)
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Hunt for Red October
The Real Jeffrey Jones:
Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Besides the fact that his Principal Rooney spends the whole movie pursuing a teenage boy, his performance was so gleefully malevolent one can see how Tim Burton just had to have him in his entourage.
Acting Style:
Though he was successful on stage, Jeffrey Jones's style is so cinematic it's hard to imagine him acting in any other medium. His is a loathsome yet hilarious comic villain, which he is particularly adept at portraying in his close-ups. There, his range of facial ticks, stares and what-nots tell the story.

When he isn't outright villainous, he is adept at being vapid, smarmy, obsequious or just a little behind.
Bits and Quirks:
It's all in the eyes. He can pop them like they're about to come out of his skull. Also, his little asides to the camera, or his sideways looks right into the camera. The thing with the mouth, which can also be employed to show haughtiness.
Great Scenes:

> As Mozart's patron Emperor Joseph II, Jeffrey is brilliant in wanting to be the guy in charge despite his complete ignorance of the subject at hand. Hence, his famous line, "too many notes."

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

> Lots of great, great scenes as the Principal trying to catch Ferris:
> talking with his secretary
>trying to comfort Ferris's girlfriend, Sloane
>his final scene on the bus;
> and, of course, his travails with the Bueller family hound.

Beetle Juice

> One of Tim Burton's classic scenes, "Day-O," in which everyone at the dinner table is compelled by "the ghosts" to dance and sing calypso.
If you like Jeffrey Jones You probably didn't like:
Howard the Duck (immortally bad)
Where's My Caddy?
How High
The Pest
Mom and Dad Save the World

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