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The Jeff Goldblum Bio

The Jeff Goldblum Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

The Fly

Of course, it isn't as good as "Jurassic Park" or "The Big Chill," but it's such a tour de force performance and, on the odd chemistry of Jeff and Geena Davis, so much more than a creepy horror film.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Powder (tries to save Powder)
Nashville (silent motorcyclist/magician)
Annie Hall (killer one-line part)
Big Chill (the geeky journalist in the ensemble)
The Tall Guy (an American actor living in London)
Deep Cover (lawyer turned bad guy, opposite Laurence Fishburne)
Igby Goes Down (Igby's godfather)
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (one of Peter Weller's coterie)
Jurassic Park
Lost World: Jurassic Park II
The Right Stuff
Independence Day
The Real Jeff Goldblum:
The Tall Guy

An incredibly insecure actor out of place and somehow really good in the very questionable musical version of "Elephant Man."
Acting Style:
The quirky smart-ass. Too much of Jeff Goldblum is, well, too much. So, it's no wonder that his best films are the blockbusters, where he is on for just a few sweet moments, or, in the case of "The Fly," uses his hyperactive quirks to show his descent into insect-icide.

It's like Jeff takes a triple shot of espresso before each line. And those times when he doesn't speed through the line, he gives it such bravado that he sounds like he's thinking that if he just pushes a little more oomph! into this word, it will come off as one of cinema's all-time great lines, or at least end up in the trailer.

And, that technique actually works when he plays the hip scientist in "Jurassic Park," or some of his other too-smart roles. After all, he's talking too fast because his brain is going at light speed, and then he pauses, caught up in new revelations.
Bits and Quirks:
He's probably only second to Hugh Grant in the number and variety of his quirks. Besides stretching out his mouth to a smile wider than his face, combined with confused beady eyes, he moves those extra-large hands in all kinds of slow-motion balletic ways. Then, there is the odd slow-motion shrug with the hands out and the elbows in. But his most famous bit is the hand coming from the temple out, in a variety of gestures, but always from the forehead or the mouth.
Great Scenes:
Igby Goes Down

> Balancing his wife and his mistress at the party in the Hamptons
> Beating up Igby.

Jurassic Park

> His chaos theory speech
> Flirting with Laura Dern
> Warning everyone about what happens when you mess with Mother Nature

The Fly

> Climbing on the ceiling
> Throwing up on his food
> Throwing up on his supposed rival (in order to melt his skin)
> Pulling off parts of his body as he morphs into the fly.

Independence Day

> What's one more obnoxious scientist, especially in Area 51?
> Convincing his pal the President to get the heck out of the White House
If you like Jeff Goldblum You probably didn't like:
Transylvania 6-5000
Holy Man

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