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The Jeff Bridges Bio

The Jeff Bridges Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Films:

The Last Picture Show / The Big Lebowski

Part of the ensemble of five, along with the brilliant director, Peter Bogdanovich, that made the film a classic. Responsible more than anyone, even John Goodman, for making one of the Coen Brothers' funniest films as rich as it is, and the paragon of a cult favorite

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
The Fisher King (Golden Globe-nominated performance, opposite Robin Williams, as a shock radio host whose rantings lead to mass murder)
The Fabulous Baker Boys (with Michelle Pfeiffer and brother Beau, part of a two-piano lounge act)
Jagged Edge (a wealthy murder suspect and lover of his lawyer, Glenn Close)
K-Pax (a psychiatrist, treating Kevin Spacey, who thinks he's from another planet)
Arlington Road (a professor who suspects his neighbors, Tim Robbins and Joan Cusack, are right-wing terrorists)
Winter Kills (the brother of an assassinated President trying to find out the truth)
The Contender (Oscar, Golden Globe and SAG-nominated performance as The President, defending his controversial choice of Joan Allen for VP against powerful congressman Gary Oldman)
The Last Picture Show (Oscar-nominated performance as Duane, coping with a small town in Texas)
Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.'s treacherous business partner)
Tron (a computer programmer who really and truly gets into the game)
Tucker (automotive entrepreneur, Preston Tucker)
Seabiscuit (the horse's owner)
Starman (Golden Globe and Oscar-nominated performance as an alien, opposite Karen Allen)
The Charming Bad Boy:
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (Oscar-nominated performance as a drifter in cahoots with Clint Eastwood)
Cutter's Way (a Santa Barbara beach boy up to no good, with John Heard)
Bad Company (a con artist during the Civil War)
The Morning After (a mysterious ex-cop and helper of a desperate Jane Fonda)
Rancho Deluxe (a cattle rustler)
The Dude, and Variations Thereof:
The Big Lebowski (The Dude)
Crazy Heart (Golden Globe, SAG and Oscar-winning performance as Bad Blake, a once-famous country singer, now drinking and playing bowling alleys)
White Squall (a grizzled boat captain for a bunch of prep-school boys)
Nadine (a dumb, luckless bar owner trying to get rich, opposite Kim Basinger)
Fearless (a plane-wreck survivor and hero trying to cope with the aftermath)
Men Who Stare at Goats (a hippie military expert)
The Anti-Hero Athlete:
Stay Hungry (a real-estate guy obsessed with a gym and the bodybuilders, including Ahnold, who work out there)
Fat City (a hopeful boxer)
Stick It (an Olympic girls gymnastics coach)
Against All Odds (ex-pro football player hired to find Rachel Ward)
The Last American Hero (race-car driver Junior Jackson)
The Real Jeff Bridges:
The Big Lebowski

It is generally perceived that his Oscar for "Crazy Heart" was actually for this consummate role, Dude, one of the most memorable comedic performances ever (though it wasn't even nominated). In any case, he quotes from the Dude in his acceptance speech.
Acting Style:
Easy going. Jeff Bridges is the Hollywood son and natural movie star crossed with the independent-film actor. Defined by his grin, he has turned down a score of serious, intense roles, even though "Fisher King" was about as serious as you can get.
Bits and Quirks:
The wide-open-mouthed befuddlement, with the blank stare and often very stooped shoulders, or bending at the waist. A crazy grin, with a little shake or nod of the head.
Great Scenes:
Crazy Heart

> Throwing up at the bowling alley concert
> Talking biscuits with Buddy
> Fishing with Robert Duvall
> Losing Buddy in the mall
> Writing a song in Maggie Gyllenhaal's bed
> Making love with Maggie

Men Who Stare At Goats

> Jumping off the building
> Defending himself in the military trial

Iron Man

Outside of Disney Hall with Robert Downey, Jr.,
> Giving Downey the petrifying medicine
> Donning the other Iron Man suit and fighting with Downey

The Big Lebowski

> Too many to name… practically every scene that he's in

Stick It

> The accident on the trampoline
> Confronting the snotty gymnast's mother


> The grin comes back after making love in the boxcar
> Bringing the deer back to life and the fight afterward
> The alien taking the form of Jeff Bridges

The Last Picture Show

> The fight with Timothy Bottoms
> Exiting the theatre after the last picture show
> The "love" scenes with Cybill Shepard: in the back seat, in the motel both times
> Hiding in the car from Sam the Lion
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Heaven's Gate

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