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The Jamie Lee Curtis Bio

The Jamie Lee Curtis Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Films:

A Fish Called Wanda

A perfect British-American chemistry as Curtis is in a rather awkward triangle with John Cleese and Kevin Kline.

Trading Places

Curtis helps Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy get revenge on “The Duke Brothers" for abusing them over a bet.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
A Fish Called Wanda (Golden Globe-nominated performance as a friendly but manipulative prostitute)
Freaky Friday (Golden Globe-nominated performance as a friendly but manipulative mom switching places with her daughter)
Trading Places (a friendly but manipulative prostitute)
The Tailor of Panama (a three-way spy game with Pierce Brosnan and Geoffrey Rush)
Dominick and Eugene (opposite Ray Liotta)
Blue Steel (a rookie cop going against a psychopath)
Halloween Wannabes:
The Fog
Prom Night
Terror Train
Halloween, etc.
The Improbable Mom:
Freaky Friday
Christmas with the Kranks
True Lies
Trading Places
True Lies
(Golden Globe-winning performance)
The Real Jamie Lee Curtis:
Freaky Friday

The mom at the end of the movie, after she learns to understand her teenaged daughter. Between the children's books she writes and her performances as career moms, this seems the closest to the straightforward yet still mysterious daughter of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis.
Acting Style:
How does an actress go back and forth from baby sitter target/victims to con artist prostitutes and still seem so down to earth? The fact that we even accept her as the atypical Mom, which she plays now more than anything, is a tribute to her invisible acting style. Invisible but not transparent. Jamie plays at simple, all-American, normal, but there are always tricks up her naked sleeve.

The secret must be having a killer body and a next-door neighbor PTA face and demeanor (on top of an also gorgeous neck). Both of which she uses like a pro.
Bits and Quirks:
Actually there aren't many, at least that are readily apparent, partly because, as just stated, Curtis's stock in trade is her simple straightforwardness. There is the wide closed-mouth smile, though, that works in all kinds of situations. The fluttering of the eyes as she pulls back her chin. The semi-sexy stance that is at once nonchalant and provocative. Chewing gum. Oh, yeah. Then there are the straightforward, anything but innocent use of her breasts – never coy, never too proud, just, again, matter of fact.
Great Scenes:
True Lies

> Cold-cocking Arnold when she finds out he was a spy
> The interrogation room
> The helicopter scene on the bridge
> The tango at the end

Freaky Friday

> Smashing into Lindsay Lohan
> Getting a new hipper makeover courtesy of Lohan occupying her body
> Repeating "How do you feel about that?" to all of her patients
> saying mean things to her son

Trading Places

> Helping to ruin Dan Aykroyd's life becoming on to him as a prostitute

A Fish Called Wanda

> Seducing John Cleese
> Getting caught with Cleese with their pants down

Christmas With The Kranks

> Rolling up Dan Aykroyd's hands in the car window as she is speeding away from him
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