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The Halle Berry Bio

The Halle Berry Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

Monster's Ball

This may have been just another independent film, if not socked with perfect performances by everyone, including Billy Bob, Peter Boyle, Heath Ledger, but especially by Berry.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Monster's Ball (SAG and Oscar-winning and Golden Globe-nominated performance as a bereaved mother involved with racist prison guard Billy Bob Thornton)
Frankie and Alice (Golden Globe-nominated performance)
Jungle Fever (an addict)
Things we Lost in the Fire (grieving widower helping addict Benicio del Toro)
Bulworth (new admirer of crazed senator Warren Beatty)
Why do Fools Fall in Love (lover of Frankie Lymon)
Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (the title role of the first African-American woman nominated for Best Actress)
Boomerang (secretary to ad execs, opposite adman Eddie Murphy)
Losing Isaiah (an ex-crack addict trying to get her son from Jessica Lange)
The X-Men Series (Storm)
Die Another Day (James Bond girl, opposite Pierce Brosnan)
Swordfish (player in deadly con game between Hugh Jackman and John Travolta)
Executive Decision (flight attendant turned anti-terrorist)
The Flintstones (Fred's secretary, Sharon Stone)
The Real Halle Berry:
Introducing Dorothy Dandridge

There is the woman who is on or near the top of every publication's "sexiest women," the model and the action star. Then there is the producer, business woman, winner of virtually every award there is (including being the first African American winner of a Best Actress Oscar), political activist and someday Broadway actress.
Acting Style:
Halle Berry could settle for being one of the five female action stars, scooping up millions as she goes. She doesn't. She works the independent scene, bouncing between breathtaking dramatic roles and even more breathtaking washouts. She's beating the average, though: she was excellent playing the first African-American woman nominated for a Best Actress Oscar, in "Dorothy Dandridge;" she was even more excellent, being the first to win it, with "Monster's Ball." Like Uma Thurman and more like Angelina Jolie, this action star uses an athletic cockiness to work for sex appeal.
Bits and Quirks:
Pretty straightforward if not stiff. Flirty actions that often are combined with a more African-American accent. Usually really quiet voice and slow sultry moves.
Great Scenes:
Monster's Ball

> The sex scenes with Billy Bob Thornton
> Discovering that he was a prison guard
> Holding her son by the side of the road
> In the hospital Getting kicked out of her house

Die Another Day
> The sword fight in the plane
> Blowing up the "hospital" in Cuba
> The repartee with Pierce Brosnan when they first meet
> The diamonds in the belly button at the end


> Being caught with the wire by Hugh Jackman
> Being strung up by John Travolta
> Recruiting Jackman, checking him out as he changes
> The "test" scene with Jackman breaking a code


> The shower scene where she gets cut
> The dreams with the girl on fire
> With Penelope Cruz in the prison
> Beating herself up in her jail cell
> Watching herself with the axe
> The reveal of the tattooed man


> Dancing with Warren Beatty all night
> The rap speech
> The reveal that she's working for Vinnie as an assassin's helper.
> Bringing the senator home for supper
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