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The Emma Stone Bio

The Emma Stone Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

The Help

The role of Skeeter, the self-made center of an emerging Southern consciousness and spokesperson for the oppressed maids of Jackson, Miss., was a role that easily could have been too much for a barely twenty performer. On one side you have scene-chewing bitchy Southern belles, and on the other a hilarious tiger of a maid, and Viola Davis silently emoting throughout, and Cicely Tyson, whose very presence represents the roots of race relations on film. The first real dramatic effort of any comic actress is one in which Hollywood predicts failure as a default. So, there. Stone defies the odds by playing it close to the proverbial vest, by letting reactions work, and when it's her turn, by being minimal.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Paper Man (high school girl opposite failed writer Jeff Daniels)

The Rocker (bass player of the band, with Rainn Wilson)

House Bunny (sorority president)

Friends with Benefits (breaks up with Justin Timberlake at the beginning)

Crazy Stupid Love (Steve Carell's daughter, in love with Ryan Gosford, a seeming playboy)
Zombieland (one of the few survivors of a land full of zombies, riding with Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin)

The Help (Skeeter, a young Southern college grad in the early '60s who exposes the life of maids and the women they work for)

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (the title ghost, Matthew McConaughey's first sexual encounter and a ghost of 16)

Superbad (Jules, who somehow sees something in Jonah Hill)

Easy A (Golden Globe-nominated performance as a high school girl who pretends to be "easy" in order to get attention and be popular)
The Real Emma Stone:
Superbad > Until she starts in her desire to be on the production side, she'll have to settle for being desirable and approachable and genuine.
Acting Style:
Genuine. Somewhat like the archetypal Cameron Diaz, Stone isn't afraid to put her startling beauty on hold and get her hands dirty. This courage and style has given her a great comic actress presence, especially with the over the top ghost in "Girlfriends Past." With the debut of "The Help," now she can add a very promising dramatic presence.
Bits and Quirks:
The big, bigger, biggest eyes. The crazy low sexy voice mixed with an approachable demeanor. Doesn't work the hair as much as you'd think, but instead relies on an articulate delivery of the lines to make things work. Also, not afraid to "be ugly" on screen.
Great Scenes:

> Pulling a gun on Harrelson and Eisenberg
> Almost kissing Jesse
> With Bill Murray at the end
> Wrecking the gift shop
> The amusement park rescue


> Getting cold cocked, so to speak, by a drunk Jonah Hill
> The awkward pairing up at the mall, complete with her black eye

The Help

> Being the ugly girl, listening to her maid, Cicely Tyson
> Confronting her mother over what happened to Cicely
> Walking out on the jerky boyfriend (both times)
> The first writing session with Aibeline
> Walking into Aibeline's house and being met with all "The Help."

Friends With Benefits

> The quick but funny breakup scene with Timberlake.

Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past

> Reveal at the beginning in McConaughey's bedroom of the night's scenario
> Michael Douglas flirting with her at the end
> The basement with a younger McConaughey
> The array of hyper teen lines

Paper Man

> Running out into the ocean
> Explaining about the drowning of her sister afterward to Jeff Daniels
> The party and afterward and being awakened by Lisa Kudrow
> Saying good-bye to Daniels, and the swan
> Putting the piece of paper out to sea