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The Ellen Page Bio

The Ellen Page Review –

by Nate Lee



The zippy dialogue, which won author Diablo Cody an Oscar, is especially fun and true when it comes out of Page's wry and something like precociously tongue-in-cheek mouth. That oddly low and smart voice, after working its way through a collection of fascinatingly advanced characters, found its home in Juno; the Golden Globe, SAG and Oscar nominations, and scores of lesser awards are testaments to the performance that carries the movie.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Whip It (Bliss, aka Babe Ruthless, a Texas roller derby girl, in Drew Barrymore's directorial debut)
Hard Candy (a teen who turns the tables on an internet predator)
Smart People (the asshole-genius daughter of an asshole-genius college professor)
The Tracey Fragments (the lost daughter of the ultimate dysfunctional family)
An American Crime (true story of a young girl held captive by an insane caretaker)
Mouth to Mouth (a member of a counter-culture group in Europe)
Wilby Wonderful (resident of a Canadian island community)
The Stone Angel
X-Men: The Last Stand (the mutant Shadowcat)
Inception (the dreamworld designer)
The Real Ellen Page:

Until she does something different, which surely won't take too long, Ellen will have to remain the wry, smart teen.
Acting Style:
Real teen angst. So beautiful and cuddly, yet smart, headstrong, and rebellious. Page thinks and feels every line, every word in a way that is reminiscent of, daresay, James Dean? Only smarter.
Bits and Quirks:
The lost and lonely bits. Talking to herself. The oversized clothes and the schlumpy slouch, with and without cuddliness. The punchy delivery. The facetious line, often with a head bob, or quick on-and-off smile. All kinds of hair things, mostly in the face, but also the wave on the side a la Veronica Lake.
Great Scenes:
Whip It!

> The underwater love scene
> Reconciliation in the kitchen with mother Marcia Gay Harden and father Daniel Stern
> The tryout and training sequence


> The fight with Juggernaut
> The ice skating scene with Iceman


> Practically every scene: a multitude of iconic teen bits to match the longer serious scenes
> Breaking the news to her parents
> Meeting the adoptive parents, Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman
> The abortion clinic scene
> The ultrasound
> The crisis point

Stone Angel

> Discussion in the kitchen with Ellen Burstyn about her son

Hard Candy

> Tying up her prey
> On the roof

Smart People

> Outside the gym, coming to terms with her dad, Dennis Quaid
> Taking the phone call from Sarah Jessica Parker
> Christmas dinner
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