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The Elijah Wood Bio

The Elijah Wood Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

Eternal Sunshine / Lord of the Rings / North

Though he has a relatively minor role, Wood is central to the plot of the superior "Eternal Sunshine," if not its success. As Frodo, he was central to the Ring Trilogy, and his peculiar brand of innocence vital to its success. His star turn in the silly yet poignant "North," especially for those of us who can't stand the Lord of the Rings, is his best performance.
Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Paris, Je T'Aime (falls in love with a vampire)
Radio Flyer (trying, with his brother, to escape abusive father)
Bobby (a young man getting married to get out of the draft)
The Good Son (the title role, opposite the bad son, Macauley Culkin)
The War (son of Kevin Costner in war with neighbors over treehouse)
North (the perfect son of the title, in a search of perfect parents)
Everything is Illuminated (on a quest to find the Ukrainian woman who saved his grandfather during WWII)
Avalon (Aidan Quinn's son)
The Oxford Murders (a mathematician drawn into a mystery)
Forever Young (uncovers a frozen Mel Gibson and brings him home to mom Jamie lee Curtis)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (a mindless mind-eraser out for Kate Winslet)
Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Frodo Baggins)
The Hobbit (Frodo)
The Adventures of Huck Finn (Huck)
The Ice Storm (a young loner)
Deep Impact (high-school student who discovers a killer comet heading for Earth)
Sin City (a serial killer)
The Real Elijah Wood:

Not that he ever wanted to divorce his parents, but Wood has the straightforward goodness of his Iowa roots.
Acting Style:
The innocent outsider. Wood was an outstanding child actor, and seems to have made a successful transition to adult actor by keeping a lot of that childhood innocence. At times transitioning the innocence into cluelessness, loner, nerd or hobbit, he makes his quiet confusion work.
Bits and Quirks:
Wood's overly blue eyes at times are played for vacuousness and at times muster a deep but good intensity. The pale skin, lips and distinctive head hardly need makeup to become a fantasy character.
Great Scenes:
Eternal Sunshine

> At Jim Carrey's house, wiping his brain
> On the ice with Winslet, trying to imitate Carrey to win Winslet

Deep Impact

> Speaking in front of the school assembly
> Leaving the family at the safe camp
> Running to the top of the mountain during the tsunami

The Good Son

> The final cliff scene and his mother's choice
> Throwing the dummy on to the highway
> The scenes with the psychiatrist

The Ice Storm

> Out in the storm
> The electrocution


> Talking in bed with Melanie Griffith
> Walking along the edge of the tower and being saved from falling

Paris, Je T'aime

> Falls in love with a vampire
> The kiss at the end


> Playing Tevye in the school play, singing "If I Were a Rich Man"
> The song and dance in Texas
> Fishing in the igloo and sending grandpa Abe Vigoda off on an ice floe
> Skipping out on the Amish
> Talking with Bruce Willis in a bunny suit

Radio Flyer

> Making the anti-Monster potion
> The flying scene at the end
> Playing Ouija with his brother
> Selling golf balls, with their dog, Shane
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