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The Don Cheadle Bio

The Don Cheadle Review –

by Nate Lee


Hotel Rwanda

Though he's been a major player in Academy Award-winning films "Crash" and "Traffic", Cheadle was clearly central to the success of the extremely powerful "Hotel Rwanda", a film that transcends Oscardom to be one of the most necessary films of the 21st century.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Traitor (a devout Muslim working as a mole for the CIA)
Talk to Me (ex-con and '60s talk-radio first Petey Green)
Reign Over Me (dentist and friend in need to Adam Sandler)
Devil in a Blue Dress (the definition of trigger-happy)
Boogie Nights (porn actor aspiring to sell stereos)
Bulworth (gang leader out for Warren Beatty)
Traffic (vice cop)
Crash (L.A. detective)
Oceans 11, 12, 13
The Real Don Cheadle:
Hotel Rwanda

Cheadle has appeared in other films and done much to raise America's consciousness to the plight of African nations. There is also a humility and kindness about him that infects even his nastiest characters, a kindness that may not be as heroic as the innkeeper of the Hotel Rwanda, but it's close.
Acting Style:
Kind. You don't have to be as brilliant as Steven Soderbergh to know that you can cut to Don Cheadle to convey the human response to the tragedies you depict on screen. Cheadle emotes big but true, bringing uber-humanity to unlikable characters, funny characters and just plain troubled characters.
Bits and Quirks:
Working of the eyes, mostly for kindness. Good stares, especially when they're contemplative or soft. Raising the eyebrows and then either raising or lowering the eyelids. The steady nod. Flitting of the hands for just a split second then quietly resting them on the lips or face.
Great Scenes:

> The confrontations with Guy Pearce
> The Yemen prison sequence
> The showdown on the boat

Reign Over Me

> Asking permission from his wife to go out with Adam Sandler
> Dealing with the advances of the psycho beauty
> Waiting outside the psychiatrist's building

Ocean's Thirteen

> Doing a song and dance to distract Al Pacino

Talk to Me

> The Tonight Show scenes, blowing off the audience
> Hearing about the assassination of Martin Luther King and doing the broadcast, then watching the rioting outside the station

Devil in a Blue Dress

> Brandishing his gun, wanting to kill people all the time.


> Intimidating drug guys in the hospital

Boogie Nights

> Trying to sell an expensive stereo with all kinds of jabber and a country music eight-track
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