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The Diane Lane Bio

The Diane Lane Review –

by Nate Lee


Depending on the style of movie and the style of Diane you prefer, it is a toss-up between "Hollywoodland" and "Must Love Dogs."

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Untraceable (half geek, half detective)
Nights in Rodanthe (storm-tossed lover of Richard Gere)
Unfaithful (Academy Award-nominated affair)
Hollywoodland (affair with George Reeves)
Chaplin (Paulette Goddard)
Rumble Fish
The Outsiders (the object of every boy's desire)
My Dog Skip (the compassionate mother)
Under the Tuscan Sun (starting over in Italy)
Must Love Dogs (romantic comedy opposite John Cusack)
A Little Romance (an American in Paris... and Venice)
The Perfect Storm (Mark Wahlberg's babe)
Judge Dredd (a macho chick)
Cotton Club (a moll)
The Real Diane Lane:
My Dog Skip and Jack

Diane is reportedly an exceptionally good mom, protective and involved. In "Skip" role, she is a sweet protector of a young, shy, friendless Frankie Muniz, and in "Jack," she is a sweet protector of an old (looking), gregarious Robin Williams.
Acting Style:
Still the most beautiful of the sophisticated actresses and the most sophisticated of the beauties. The two stories about Diane Lane say it all: her co-star in her first film, "A Little Romance," was Sir Laurence Olivier, who was quite taken by the young actress and pronounced her as the next Grace Kelly; and, she was asked to star in "Splash" but turned it down for "Streets of Fire."

Until recently, Diane Lane has had mostly major parts in lousy movies or supporting/minor roles in great movies. Even now, her lead roles have been in good but not great films: Under the Tuscan Sun, Must Love Dogs, Unfaithful and Hollywoodland. Clearly, she deserves better.

Hollywood producers seem to prefer her body over her brain because Lane has had more than her share of onscreen affairs. Now that she is getting to the age where she may need a body double for the sex scenes (though one would doubt it), the other facets of her considerable talents are coming through, from quirky in "Must Love Dogs" and "Under the Tuscan Sun" to smart in "Untraceable." Ooops! Hold the phone! She has another affair in 2008 with "Nights in Rodanthe." Well, in her early forties, she's twenty years younger than Diane Keaton, who also seems to be enjoying a renewed onscreen (at least) sex life.
Bits and Quirks:
Diane Lane conveys more emotions silently than just about any actress around. Those arches over her eyes help us find where the internal action is, moving and flitting and combining with various degrees of openness – just a panoply of facial expressions. Then there is the stoop. The funny thing with the shoulders and arms that don't look attached. The hugely wide half grin usually in a self-effacing acknowledgement of the irony all around her.
Great Scenes:
A Little Romance

> Listening to Laurence Olivier's stories
> The gondola ride

Must Love Dogs

>Chewing out the pushy butcher

Under the Tuscan Sun

> Lamenting her buying of the house
> Watching the old man with the flowers
> Having a fling at the seaside


> Meeting George Reeves


> Getting caught in a windstorm
> Sleeping with the sexy Frenchman
> The mixed feelings on the train home

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