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The Daniel Craig Bio

The Daniel Craig Review –

by Nate Lee


Casino Royale

Craig single-handedly (okay, some help from Judi Dench) brought James Bond into the twenty-first century. That may not be a compliment for some, who liked the twentieth-century version of suave more than the lost and alone, moody and violent and near sociopathic version that Craig portrays. But the fact that he was successful in the transformation, both critically and popularly, is a credit to his singularly focused craft.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Defiance (true story of three Jewish brothers who save hundreds of Jews during WWII)
Road to Perdition (gangster Paul Newman's son)
The Jacket (inmate in insane asylum)
Infamous (Perry Edward Smith, murderer and subject of Capote's In Cold Blood)
Layer Cake (a drug dealer looking to get out)
The Mother (a builder involved with a mother and daughter)
Copenhagen (the real German physicist Werner Heisenberg, in an imaginary meeting with Neils Bohr)
Casino Royale (James Bond)
Quantum of Solace (James Bond)
Munich (member of Mossad exacting revenge for the Olympic killings)
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (Alex West, fellow tomb raider of Angelina Jolie)
The Golden Compass (Lord Asriel, the adventurer uncle)
The Real Daniel Craig:
Casino Royale

Quiet and mysterious and, though an artist underneath, he's definitely fond of his macho bearing. That might make him the perfect Bond in itself. His parts in Defiance, Munich, and even The Jacket, though, reflect the macho mystery.
Acting Style:
Intensely serious. Moody and deep, with an imminent explosion in his demeanor, Craig is a quiet Malkovich who looks like a British Steve McQueen. He employs a classic stage training in bringing layers and freshness to even the well-trod role of James Bond.
Bits and Quirks:
The stare. The stare with puffed lips. The stare that doesn't care. The arrogant nod of the head, with a self-satisfied smile. The quietness after the clipped line delivery
Great Scenes:
Casino Royale

> Losing at cards
> Ordering the drink during the card game
> Being tortured by Le Chiffre
> Trying to save Vesper in Venice
> Almost dying, trying to revive himself in the car

The Jacket

His angry exchanges as an insane inmate of Adrien Brody


> Teaching the escaping Jews how to shoot
> The meeting with the Jewish leaders
> The guerilla acts against the Nazis

Quantum of Solace

> Unlike "Casino Royale," the only really good non-action scenes are quick conversations between Bond and Judi Dench, as M, particularly the one in the hotel
> Fighting while hanging on ropes
> The fight in the burning resort in the desert
> Disrupting the deal at the opera
> With Greene in the desert
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