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The Claire Danes Bio

The Claire Danes Review –

by Nate Lee



She's literally luminous here and conveys the essence of love far more naturally than with
R+J, though Danes has, sadly, turned down roles in better films. Stardust makes the most of her sexy innocence, which, in turn, helps carry the film. The Hours was a more important film, of course, but Danes was barely in it. You could make a case for "Les Miz," certainly, and even Terminator, where she was more prominent. Shopgirl, though, is the reasonable runner-up. Family Stone is up there, too, but is purely ensemble.
Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
To Gillian on her 37th Birthday (neglected daughter of Peter Gallagher)
The Family Stone (Sarah Jessica Parker's sister)
Shopgirl (a three-way relationship with Steve Martin and Jason Schwartzman)
Broke-Down Palace (in an Asian jail with Kate Beckinsale)
The Hours
Evening (the young version of Vanessa Redgrave)
Stage Beauty (the first 17th-century actress, opposite Billy Crudup)
Polish Wedding (a rebellious girl who must marry because she's pregnant)
Little Women (the innocent sister)
How to Make an American Quilt
Home for the Holidays (Holly Hunter's daughter)
Stardust (the title star, to speak)
Terminator: Rise of the Machines
Romeo and Juliet
Les Miserables (Cosette)
The Real Claire Danes:
My So-Called Life

She's moved beyond this hit series, but it's a worthy benchmark to watch her carrying a show, which she hasn't really done to such a degree since.
Acting Style:
Approachably sexy. Luckily, her early fame with My So-Called Life Claire has long since left behind her, with the help of high-quality independent films, an ever-changing look, a quirky yet classical beauty, and a down-to-earth and compelling sexiness. Hopefully, the roles stay as good after she is too old to play girlfriends and daughters.
Bits and Quirks:
> The big-eyed stare, especially with the innocent quizzical expression
> Hiding her looks behind hair styles, but always great hair
> The hair sometimes but not often over the eye
> Great at accents (people think she's British)
> The big-eyed broad smile, with one of the best mouths in the business.
Great Scenes:
The Family Store

> At the bus stop with Dermot Mulroney
> The reveal about where everyone was the night before
> The epilogue


> The fight with Michelle Pfeiffer as the head witch
> Meeting Charlie Cox as Tristan in the crater
> The confession with the rodent
> With Robert De Niro, as the pirate captain Shakespeare, on his floating ship


> Surprising Steve Martin by being naked in his bed when he gets back from the phone
> Making love with gloves on
> Meeting with Steve Martin later on the sidewalk

Romeo & Juliet

> All the love scenes
> The swimming pool scene
> The fight with her father, Paul Sorvino, when she reveals she doesn't want to marry Paul Rudd
> The death scene, particularly at the point where she wakes up just as he's drunk the poison

Home For The Holidays

> Driving mom, Holly Hunter, to the airport

Me & Orson Welles

> Revealing her ambitions to Zac Efron
> The fight with him outside Orson's apartment
> The good-bye
If you like Claire Danes You probably didn't like:
The Mod Squad
Titanic (Claire was offered the part before Kate Winslet, which makes you dislike Kate in the role even more, knowing it could have been someone appealing)
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