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The Christopher Walken Bio

The Christopher Walken Review –

by Nate Lee


The Deer Hunter

Walken has contributed to a dozen great films, including “Annie Hall” and “Pulp Fiction.” Certainly, though, he is pivotal to the brilliant anti-war epic.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Annie Hall (Diane Keaton’s psycho brother)
Hairspray (John Travolta’s husband)
Wedding Crashers (Vince Vaughn’s and Owen Wilson’s future father-in-law)
Click (mysterious employee in the Beyond Department of Bed, Bath & Beyond)
Blast from the Past (Brendan Fraser’s eccentric dad)
At Close Range (Sean Penn’s criminal dad)
Pulp Fiction (guy with a strange story about a watch)
True Romance (opposite Dennis Hopper)
King of New York (gangster)
Pennies from Heaven (with Steve Martin)
Biloxi Blues
The Dead Zone
The Stepford Wives (the mayor of Stepford)
$5 A Day (a con man getting in touch with his son)
The Maiden Heist (a museum security guard out to steal art)
The Deer Hunter (Golden Globe-nominated, Oscar-winning performance as soldier gone mad)
Catch Me if You Can (SAG winning, Oscar nominated performance as DiCaprio’s dad)
Dogs of War
Batman Returns (the bad guy)
A View to a Kill (the really bad guy)
Sleepy Hollow (not telling)
The Real Christopher Walken:
Don’t look here; look on Broadway. Christopher Walken is a hoofer turned Broadway star. The leap to movies was accidental. Go figure! Seeing as how they’re musicals, “Hairspray” and “Pennies from Heaven” come the closest.
Acting Style:
It used to be crazy, now it’s just eccentric. Walken’s theatrically trained, often over-the-top style works, really, no matter what the genre. He’s fun going balls out as in Balls of Fury, Annie Hall, or A View to a Kill, (definitely one of the more memorable Bond villains); he’s fun going just weird as in Blast from the Past, Batman Returns or Click; and he’s fun just being a force to contend with, as in Wedding Crashers.
Bits and Quirks:
Believe it or not, he doesn’t have that many. His voice carries a lot of it. When he opens his eyes wide, that is most of the rest. Then, there is the cock of the head and the shrug and the arrogant smile, but that’s an ensemble quirk.
Great Scenes:
The Deer Hunter

The Russian roulette scenes

Annie Hall

Driving at night with Woody Allen, confessing his morbid fears.

Catch Me If You Can

“The necklace,” teaching his son to be a “salesman”

Blast From The Past

The sequence of training his son
> Talking about baseball
> Going “up” to have a look around in his anti-radiation suit
> At the end, refusing to believe there was never a nuclear fallout

Batman Returns

Tempting The Penguin downstairs with a fish


Explaining the “universal remote” to Adam Sandler

The Wedding Crashers

The dinner table with Walken’s even crazier family
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