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The Christian Bale Bio

The Christian Bale Review –

by Nate Lee


The Prestige

Once again, you’re forgiven for thinking that either of his Batman films are better. They are certainly superlative action dramas, with themes injected seamlessly. They just don’t seem to ask as much of Bale as the mesmerizing plot of magician vs. magician in “Prestige,” or his incredible young performance in Spielberg’s epic “Empire of the Sun”.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
The Prestige (a brilliant magician)
American Psycho ('80s-era corporate executive and serial killer)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Demetrius)
I’m Not There (a part of Bob Dylan)
Laurel Canyon (Med school son of record producer Frances McDormand)
Reign of Fire (leader of apocalyptic group fighting dragons)
The Machinist (a worker who can’t sleep)
Little Women (Laurie, the neighbor)
Public Enemies (FBI hero Melvin Purvis)
The Dark Knight (Batman)
Batman Begins (Batman)
3:10 to Yuma (rancher turned lawman)
Empire of the Sun (POW boy)
Rescue Dawn (POW pilot)
The Real Christian Bale:
Batman Begins

He loathes his publicity duties, and almost disappeared in his early career for his refusal to oblige the press. Such a dilemma for one who pursues acting can only mean he must become an expert at wearing a mask.
Acting Style:
Quiet. It is rare for Bale to raise his voice above a whisper. Even when he’s screaming as Batman, it still comes off as a hoarse whisper. He also never smiles, because even on those rare occasions when he’s not deadly serious, his smile makes him even more sinister.
Bits and Quirks:
The whisper. A pouting stare. A psychotic stare. A psychotic smile. Slips into a ruffian’s version of a British accent when he needs to. Various arrogant poses, often with a shake of the head. Mixes it up with an occasional thug pose.
Great Scenes:
The Prestige

> Talking to Hugh Jackman from his cell
> Performing the “transporter man” stunt
> The final confrontation with Jackman
> Performing the catching bullet trick

The Dark Knight

> In the interrogation room with the Joker
> The dinner scene and the cocktail party as Bruce Wayne with Aaron Eckhart and Maggie Gyllenhaal

Batman Begins

> The training sessions with Liam Neeson
> Working with Morgan Freeman to put together Batman’s gear
> Test-driving the Batmobile

American Psycho

> Talking about music in a removed, pedantic style while preparing for murder
> The nervous breakdown and confession to his secretary
> The nervous breakdown and confession to his lawyer

3:10 to Yuma

> The final shoot-out

Empire of the Sun

> Befriending John Malkovich
> Singing for the Japanese kamikaze pilots
> The nervous breakdown, shouting for the American pilots from the tower

Reign of Fire

> Baiting the dragon by riding horseback
> Confronting the dragon at the end
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