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The Catherine Zeta-Jones Bio

The Catherine Zeta-Jones Review –

by Nate Lee



Though “Traffic” was astounding and important, Zeta-Jones could have done better as the wife of a drug lord (despite getting a Golden Globe nomination). She was brilliant, though, in “Chicago,” one of the best musical films ever.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
No Reservations (a high-strung cook, opposite Aaron Eckhart)
Death-Defyin Acts (opposite Guy Pearce as Houdini, a self-proclaimed psychic)
Intolerable Cruelty (opposite George Clooney)
Entrapment (opposite Sean Connery)
The Terminal (opposite Tom Hanks)
High Fidelity (opposite John Cusack)
America’s Sweethearts
The Mask of Zorro
Ocean’s Twelve
The Legend of Zorro
The Real Catherine Zeta-Jones:
There’s not a lot of “real” to Ms. Zeta-Jones-Douglas, and, frankly, we don’t want a lot of real from such a classically gorgeous movie star. She’s not close enough to be a Sweetheart. Though she’s not (anymore) a gold-digger, she’s certainly a paid tease as with Intolerable Cruelty. Most of all, though, she’s a performer – the kind who, whether she knows it or not, reveals that she is performing. Sooo, Chicago anyone?
Acting Style:
Melodramatic. Trained in musical theatre, Zeta-Jones excels in comedies and adventures that work with her style of over-acting. With such unparalleled beauty and sex appeal, she gets away with a lot in the other genres, but it is the Zorros and stagey comedies like Intolerable Cruelty – and, of course, film musicals – that best accommodate her style.
Bits and Quirks:
The hair, of course. Posey, girlish shots one moment and vixen-tiger the next. Great coy smile that nears a sneer, but relents to focus just on perfect lips. Displays of temper that, along with the Zorro films, a strange name and an unplaceable accent, give her a Latin persona. Great athletic poise, too.
Great Scenes:

> Sword fighting in general, but specifically the mini-strip courtesy of Bandera’s swordsmanship


> The Feds taking her husband away
> Meeting with the assassin
> Doing drug business in Mexico


> All of her cabaret scenes, particularly the duet with Zellweger

Intolerable Cruelty

> The verbal sparring with George Clooney

Ocean's Twelve

> The reunion with her father

No Reservations

> Great dynamic with Aaron Eckhart
> Describing food to her psychiatrist, Bob Balaban


> Practicing for the museum lasers
> Going through the actual lasers to steal the mask
> Making the call in the phone booth, overheard by Sean Connery
> Crossing the wire bridge
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