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The Brendan Fraser Bio

The Brendan Fraser Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

Blast From the Past

Though Crash is the best film he's been in, it's an ensemble piece. Quiet American and Gods and Monsters Brendan does well in but certainly not the performances of either Michael Caine or Ian McKellan. Inkheart is a great performance in a strange and flawed and obtuse movie. Meanwhile, Blast is all about Brendan's particular mix of machismo, innocence and charm, plus an interesting and provocative Alicia Silverstone being a genuine foil of machismo, guile and insecurity.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Gods and Monsters (the gardener, in a complex relationship with homosexual director Ian McKellen)
The Quiet American (a CIA operative in '50s Viet Nam, undercover as a doctor, opposite journalist Michael Caine)
School Ties (a Jewish quarterback at a '50s prep school, facing institutional prejudice)
Twilight of the Golds (in a TV adaptation of the play, David Gold, the outcast gay member of the family)
Bedazzled (the hapless victim of a devilish Elizabeth Hurley in a remake of the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore classic)
Silly Brendan:
Encino Man (a caveman unfrozen and passed off as a high school exchange student)
The Scout (a mixed-up ace pitcher under the care of Albert Brooks as the scout)
Airheads (with Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler, a rock trio that holds a radio station hostage till they play the trio's music)
George of the Jungle (the cartoon apeman come to life, opposite Leslie Mann as Ursula and Ape, voiced by John Cleese)
Dudley Do-Right (the cartoon mountie come to life, opposite Sarah Jessica Parker's Nell and Alfred Molina's Snidely Whiplash)
Monkeybone (a cartoonist at war with his creation, while in a coma)
Looney Toons: Back in Action (a Warner Bros. (live) stuntman helping Daffy Duck save the day, with Steve Martin as the bad guy and Jenna Elfman as the love interest)
Furry Vengeance (a real-estate developer taking on a raccoon)
Crash (the L.A. DA, married to bigoted Sandra Bullock)
The Mummy movies (American adventurer, with Rachel Weisz, the archeologist)
Journey to the Center of the Earth (a science professor, in the Jules Verne classic)
Blast from the Past (a naïf who emerges from a bomb shelter after 35 years, opposite Alicia Silverstone)
Inkheart (a bookbinder who is kidnapped by characters in the story he is reading to his daughter)
The Real Brendan Fraser:
Scrubs >

His appearance in the popular show revealed at least two of his characteristics: he loves photography, and he is a really, really nice guy (Canadian, of course).
Acting Style:
Despite his leading-man looks, Fraser seems to be more attuned to comedy. He has done some great dramatic pieces, but he even brings a comic touch to otherwise empty action pieces. He plays the accessible likeable guy and merges that with a variety of innocents. It's tough to think of him as pulling off a bad guy, unless it's a comic bad guy.
Bits and Quirks:
The quirky dimpled smile evoking innocence or empty-headedness. The various looks of confusion, usually with some kind of funky half smile. Pratfalls. Big eyes or sometimes demure eyes. Big hearty laugh. He also works his hair a lot, usually letting a few bangs down in front. Seems to dance in a lot of his movies, very well, and even his fight seems are graceful.
Great Scenes:
Encino Man

> The crazy dance at the high school

The Mummy

> The war scene at the beginning and being cornered by the enemy
> Meeting Rachel Weisz while he's in jail
> On the burning boat
> Fighting all of the slave mummies with a sword
> The escape from the caves at the end and the reveal
> The showdown with the mummy

School Ties

> The Smokey Joe's café scene, singing in the bedroom and getting interrupted by the snotty teacher

George Of The Jungle

> Wrestling the lion
> Swinging into the trees
> Playing with the horse while the women look on yearningly
> Climbing the Bay Bridge and swinging from it to rescue the guy

Blast From The Past

> Coming out of the bomb shelter in the elevator into the head shop
> Dancing at the nightclub > Seeing the ocean for the first time
> Getting trained on the world by Christopher Walken and dancing with his mother, Sissy Spacek

The Quiet American

> Witnessing the bloody carnage of the bomb
> Confronting both Caine and his mistress over his love for her
> Suddenly switching to alcohol
> The watchtower scene and saving Caine
> Cornered and running for his life