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The Adam Sandler Bio

The Adam Sandler Review –

by Nate Lee


The romantic comedies... or Click...

Sadly, Sandler is the reason that “Reign Over Me” wasn't better. It’s a fine film but there is just something about his character that doesn’t ring as true as it should. His other serious films are as hard to watch as his more moronic films, though not because of his performances, which aren’t able to save them. Basically, the romantic comedies and Click are not too silly, not too serious – just right.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Punch Drunk Love (Golden Globe-nominated performance)
Airheads (a rocker who takes over a radio station)
Anger Management (an anger patient of “psychiatrist” Jack Nicholson)
Reign Over Me (an insane friend of Don Cheadle)
The Longest Yard
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
Silly Sandler:
Billy Madison
Happy Gilmore
The Waterboy
You Don’t Mess with the Zohan
Bedtime Stories 
Romantic Comedy Adam:
Funny People (a wealthy comedian who thinks he's about to die)
Fifty First Dates (opposite Drew Barrymore)
Wedding Singer (opposite Drew Barrymore)
Big Daddy
Mr. Deeds
The Real Adam Sandler:
The Romantic Comedies...

The shy, awkward singer who wants above all things to be liked. The persistent romantic. The funny, non-conforming dad and role model.
Acting Style:
SNL. Adam Sandler is one of the more successful and talented of the “Saturday Night Live” alum, and that’s saying something. Like their uber-mentor, Steve Martin, and Bill Murray, he has gone through a series of “dumbass” roles, working his way successfully into more respected genres. Unlike Martin and Murray, though, he seems less willing to give up the gold that comes from playing the idiots – possibly because his most serious films weren’t as well received as they could have been or possibly because he has lots of mortgages. In any case, his run of romantic comedies is more than respectable as is his run of straight comedies. He’ll land the perfect one soon and never look back.
Bits and Quirks:
Self-deprecating remarks. Apologies for put-downs. An odd stiff walk without the arms moving. Rubbing his head. Throwing away funny lines. “Geee, [followed by whoever he’s talking to].” A variety of accents, and the usual moronic voice for the moron roles.
If you liked him, you probably didn't like:
Mixed Nuts
Little Nicky
Big Scenes:

> Getting the remote control from Christopher Walken
> Testing out the remote control in the beginning, particularly fast-forwarding through an argument.


> The series of pick-ups over the waffles
> The penguin in the road
> The “baseball bat”
> The video to Drew explaining her condition
> Waking up with Drew screaming
> Meeting the “injured brain” patients.


> Invited by Jessica Biel to feel her up
> The costume ball.


> Stopping on the bridge and singing
> Yankee Stadium.


> The chase scene at the beginning
> The practice in the mud
> The big game
> Telling off the warden.

Adam Sandler Review
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