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Ian McKellen
The Battle of the Five Armies.


Katharine Hepburn was a SuperStar who is remebered for her many films like THE PHILADELPHIA STORY and THE LION IN WINTER.

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actorsThe Da Vinci Code
From his early days as a screwball comedy actor to his later work as a dramatic lead, Tom Hanks has never failed to win our attention. Check out his work in one of his most controversial films, only at!

movie actorsAnimal House
Some movies are worth watching for the ensemble cast alone, and Animal House certainly fits the bill! Featuring the early work of such stars as Kevin Bacon, John Belushi, Mark Metcalf, and Donald Sutherland, this film will never be forgotten. Read all about it at

movie acting1408
Generally known for his no nonsense, tough-guy personas, “creepy” isn’t a word generally assigned to Samuel L. Jackson. But he brings it all to his role as the off-putting hotel manager in 1408. His and co-star John Cusack’s acting are discussed in detail at

actors movieEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
If ever a movie defied expectations, it would be Eternal Sunshine. The plot is initially a mystery to the viewer and characters alike, only coming into view after a series of artfully crafter curveballs. But that says nothing of Jim Carrey in one of his few – but commendable – dramatic roles, which is explored at


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